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Everyone loves a sweet treat! Promotional lollies, are a tasty way to ensure your business is a favourite supplier or partner company! The quality of our lollies is excellent, and they taste great, we can send you samples to taste test, prior to ordering. Corporate lollies and promotional chocolates are a cost-effective way of promoting your business, and are available in many different styles like coins, individually wrapped block style, M&M's, smarties, chocolate bars, fortune cookies etc. They also make fantastic corporate Christmas gifts, and we can make your order of Promotional chocolates quickly and deliver them to your door.


Some lollies can be colour matched to your branding. If they can't be, there is an endless amount of packaging options that will give a unique twist to your wholesale confectionery gift. From plain cello wrapping, PVC pillows, plastic tubs, glass jars, mesh bags, mini noodle box containers, candy rolls and more, your gift can be as unique as you choose. Fill these containers with snakes, chocolates, rock candy, boiled lollies, mints, Jubes, jelly beans, jelly babies, and humbugs. If we haven't listed your favourite sweet treat then simply ask and we are sure to have it, the custom lollies choices are almost endless.


We also offer healthier Promotional lollies, and lolly jars options, for those that want to promote a certain image for their business including sultanas, peanuts, mixed nuts, macadamias, cashews, hikers mix and fruit medleys. With sugar free options now available for some items, this choice of a custom lollies gift is gaining even more popularity.


Custom lollipops with your logo are one of our most popular sellers, they come in a range of great flavours, and in various shapes and many colours, We also have some great gift packaging available for custom lollipops, and some eye catching custom printed branding options.


We have some customers that put in a few lollies bags, in the box of every order of their products, that they send to their customers, and they have told us that they had phoned one of their customers one day, to see if their order had arrived yet, and the receptionist there, said the staff at the customers office, where laughing and joking as they tore the boxes open to get to the lollies, as they had come to know that company, sends the lollies with the order deliveries, ... so that is one way to get noticed by your customers.


Custom lollies and Promotional Mints are great for promoting your business, because almost everyone likes promotional lollies, and they can suit every budget, and can be is some cases, colour matched with your logo colours, which gives a great corporate appearance.


Promotional mints have become more sought after recently, as a lot of people normally buy mints, so it is great for customers when they get some for free, there are also sugar free styles available. Some of our motor vehicle clients, often leave them in a customer car, as a gift after servicing, they can even be packaged in a car shaped container. There are so many great packaging options now available.


Many people have fond memories, of lots of their loved lollies, from over the years, and the great news, is we have all those fantastic and nostalgic lolly styles, and we provide a large range of presentation packaged choices, which include lolly bags, and plastic containers, and cardboard boxes, and many styles of printed tins.


Promotional lollies are a fantastic item to give out at trade shows and conferences, they are always received with thanks, and it is a feel good product, and your logo gets well noticed, one of our customers is known for handing out red jelly snakes, at trade shows, and customers make a beeline to their stand, knowing they are always there, year after year, it has become familiar with their company, and everybody knows them for it.


Call our helpful, and knowledgeable team today, and we will help you choose, the best custom lollies or promotional mints, that will promote your company, and leave a sweet taste for your customers.


Good afternoon Stephen, Just a short note to say "Thanks" the goodies arrived today and look great. Many thanks.


Thank you so much they look great. Your service has been excellent, so thanks again for everything and we will most likely be in touch again for future items. Kind regards.


Hi Stephen, I thought I should let you know that our jelly beans have arrived today! And they are delicious. Kind regards.


Hi Team, Just a quick note to let you know I have received the lollies and we are very happy with them. Thanks again for all you help. Regards.